What We Can Learn From A Pointer

What we can learn from a Pointer

One of my favorite outdoor activities is quail hunting. If you are like me, I get as much out of watching a good pointer work the fields as I do shooting quail. When you are watching a good pointer work, you see an animal doing what it was created to do. Pointers, in general, have three purposes in the field:

  1. Point the quail for the hunter so as not to get the quail up until the hunter is ready
  2. Flush (or jump) the quail upon command
  3. Retrieve the quail after being shot

I have had a few bird dogs. I was always amazed how a ten-week old pointer would point. Without any training, the dog would point the quail. The tail is locked straight, front paw pulled up and shivering with excitement. Again, these dogs were created for this purpose.

The dictionary definition for purpose is- “the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.” Like a good bird dog, we too were created with a purpose. When we are not on purpose, we find ourselves less content and even out-of-balance. Life just isn’t as fulfilling, no matter how much money is being made. If you try to put a pointer in a duck blind to retrieve duck, that dog will have a hard time. Yes, the dog can retrieve, but it will be very difficult and unsatisfied.

You and I need to be aware of the unique qualities and gifts God has given us. Like the young bird dog, we need a trainer who knows our capabilities, helps us see our abilities and sets us in the direction to realize our potential. I have found, through the years, men in my life have helped me recognize my purpose and calling. You will find that your desires may get in the way, and this is the reason you and I need people in our lives that we can trust to direct us.

We need to know one key thing as we look for our purpose, and it is this… God has created each of us with a purpose. There is a great verse in Romans 8 that states, “We know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” So what does this mean? God has given you a unique gift. As we utilize our gifts, according to his purpose, you become fulfilled and content. It doesn’t mean everything goes right, it means you’ll have a joy in what you do. Just as the pointer points the quail to the hunter, we are to point Jesus for our joy.

Where do we start? First, be sure to find the right person for you to help guide you. Ask him/her to mentor you and help you see your true calling and purpose. This won’t happen in a mere week or month. It will take time, testing and work. Once confirmed, a plan for our development and training is needed. We need to be sharpened for our calling. Like a good bird dog, you may need some re-training to perfect your calling. When you do, you’ll find your fulfillment and joy.

In the last 22-years of business, starting four companies, I have had some great successes and a couple big losses. Thankfully, I was able to have my mentors walk with me through each endeavor. Even in the losses and scars, I never had a thought of quitting. Heck, I rarely lost sleep when things were dark. Did it hurt? Heck yes, but I never questioned what my purpose was during those times. When we are on purpose, we can handle the good and bad days with balance.

Brian Mayo
Brian Mayo