GoRule is a family business based around faith, family and the great outdoors. It started with seeing young boys and girls come over to the lake or hear them talk about the outdoors and have little (if any) idea of how to fish, shoot a gun or aim a bow & arrow. Many had never even camped with their families. We want to inspire youth, and their families, to get out and enjoy the outdoors from a Gen 1:28 perspective via our motto to Subdue – Steward – Serve.

We want to be innovative in our content and products, while inspiring the next generation to have a passion for the outdoors.  We also have a special heart and outreach for our public safety and military families, we thank you for your sacrifice and look forward to serving you!

Our Story
A few year’s back, our family moved to the Charleston, SC area close to the water and Francis Marion Forest.  Our three children have always been interested in the outdoors.  Our home, due to its location, became a place where friends would come to fish, go crabbing and kayaking. But what we discovered in those first couple of years was surprising.

Occasionally, while the kids would fish, I’d walk out to our community dock to see if they were having any luck. When I arrived, I found the kids were all messed up (even though they were having fun) and would probably never catch anything unless they got really lucky! Here is what I’d find they didn’t do or know:

  • How to tie any type of knot to connect there hook or lure to their line
  • Hold the rod properly… many times upside down and reeling backwards
  • Put their live bait on the hook
  • Cast
  • Use a cork or bobber
  • Make a good presentation of their bait or lure
  • Take a fish off the hook (once we got them fishing the right way)
  • Clean their fish

In talking with these youth, many had never fished, shot a gun or even a bow and arrow. They didn’t need Bear Grylls, they just needed a dad to spend time with them in the outdoors. Here was the shocking part….even their dads didn’t know the basics and feared embarrassment when trying to learn as an adult.

We were determined to make some small impact on our youth by creating a unique brand and education approach to teach these kids how to have fun outdoors and find success in their fishing, hunting and camping. Success would keep these kids hunting, fishing and camping for life. Our family adventures have some lifelong memories that will surely be passed on.

One other key aspect I wanted to convey, especially in this anti-gun and animal rights society we live in, is that there is a biblical mandate to rule over the animals. What we find in Genesis 1 is to subdue the earth (and animals), steward those resources we are given (take care of it because it is not ours) and serve (both each other and the God who made creation). With that, we launched GoRule.


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